Expert Tree Care Services for Healthy and Vibrant Trees

As the seasons change, so will your trees’ maintenance demands in Eastern Pennsylvania. Cold temperatures and winter sunshine can dry foliage, damage branches, and hurt roots, among other things. Reliable tree service may effectively protect against these negative impacts. Discover affordable tree care Lancaster on getting your trees ready for the winter season.

Apply mulch around your trees

Make a round, donut-shaped arrangement of organic mulch around the tree. While Sonoma County does not get snow, the winter months bring cold temperatures and frost, making it critical to offer protection. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch protects against the severe winter temperatures. This sort of tree mulch successfully maintains moisture, supplies critical nutrients to the surrounding soil, and insulates the roots, keeping them safe and warm throughout the winter season.

There are two major types of mulch appropriate for winter tree preparation:

  • Organic tree mulch is made out of natural elements that decay over time, enriching the soil with nutrients.
  • Inorganic tree mulch is often produced from materials like stone chips, river rock, and gravel and does not decompose organically.

Mulching may appear to be a simple activity, but it takes attention to detail. It is necessary to leave enough room for the tree’s base to breathe. Excessive mulching or forming a “volcano” structure around the trunk can deplete the root system of oxygen. Choose a “donut” form while applying mulch to promote optimal aeration.

Winter Tree Pruning

Signing up professional tree care service Lancaster, such as Lancotree, to perform correct pruning is an effective technique for preserving the vigor and health of your trees over the winter and over time. In Eastern PA, you may cut trees all year round, but there are advantages to pruning a tree in its dormant state.

A tree that has been clipped in the winter may require more of its stored energy to recover from the pruning cuts, which will lessen the stress on the tree guy. Tree cutting service near me provides appropriate upkeep and improves the tree’s long-term health.